Sunday, April 5, 2009

2009 Southeast Gathering

Ever since the awkward age of twelve years old, I have been going to a strange and wonderful place in Tacoa, GA.  Camp Mikell has been host to the Southeast Gathering since the early eighties.  This is an event that celebrates the community of those of us who follow, love and/or revere Meher Baba.  If you don't know who Meher Baba is that is another story, another blog, another day.  Hyper link yourself here:, to find out more.  

For years I spent my energy in the early spring planning programs for the group of teenagers that would inevitably force me to lose my voice (think spiritual camp counselor).  But then I grew tired, so tired, of doing that and wanted to just enjoy the North Georgia woods, the  sunshine and the company.  Also, there is a bit of a generation gap in the Meher Baba community.  I use to have up to forty teens in my charge and this year there were three, so there you go.

I thought I would put up a few videos that show some of the fun and sweetness and silliness of the Southeast Gathering.

I wish this bloggy sort of format had the capacity to show what a weekend like this can be, but it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dear One. This is the first SEG I've attended... thanks to you!
Jai Baba
Jeannie Kerr

Anonymous said...

I think I can hear crickets on the Charles snippet. Thanks for posting all of these.
I think you captured serious gathering vibe where everyone's just kinda sitting on the steps/rocking chairs- not a whole lot of conversation, Woodchuck is modeling a three piece, someone is meddling with a guitar, others are smoking or trying to watch someone else's kid with authority, Will is following a baby...

jg said...

thanks angi, thanks

Lisa said...

Jai Baba!

Hello Angi, I'm working on the 2011 SEG website, and flier, and it's so nice to listen to the videos of the 09 Gathering--it brings back memories, and warms my heart!

Thank you for posting these.

Lisa Jackson