Friday, April 10, 2009


A few years ago I was living in India.  My friend Molly Damon and I had many hilarious and well timed inside jokes, but the one that has seemed to hold its own true legacy is "Cobra Horse."  

Molly and I were having a drawing contest.  Meaning, you basically draw whatever you know how to draw, then pass it to the other person to laugh at, or guess what it could possibly be.  Molly drew a picture of a horse, but when she handed it to me, I could swear it was a cobra.  And in that moment, Cobra Horse was born.

A year later I was in the studio recording my first album.  molly was in town to help me and sing some amazing backup.   We occasionally would mention Cobra Horse, and then laugh hysterically, while men like Jeremy Boger and Joshua Carpenter rolled their eyes.  But you know what?  They found the real home for this inside joke.  

Presenting the band Cobra Horse: farcical yet unwittingly serious. 

 I actually love their music for its awesome pop sensibility and terrible lyrics.  I have been warned that they might give me unsolicited songwriting credits, which I will not accept.  Thanks, but no thanks.

 This show was inspired and fun.
And they have damn good t-shirts!!

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