Sunday, May 31, 2009

A good review helps my broken foot blues

This review came to may attention today and it made me feel so happy!! It is a very good thing, when someone who has never met you can hear why you might want to make music.

Thank you Wildy's World!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Broken Foot

My friend Manny and I use to have this little skit/joke where I would pretend to be a baby deer.  He would ask me how my leg was doing and I would hobble around as he helped me, reminding me that I am too small to try and jump over such large fallen trees and the like.  Well, folks, I have gone ahead and done it.  

At my darling friend Rebeccah Mark's birthday party last Friday night, after many grand rock and roll adventures I, inspired by the music, got up on a chair and jumped off of it.  Now, for those of you who don't know my dancing style, I love props and chairs and anything I can get up on and then jump off of.  I pointed this out so that you would not think that this was a new feat of strength for me.  Well, I jumped off the chair and..........broke my foot?  "Well, that can't be right,"  you say.  Honestly, I am still in denial a few days later.  Apparently, the chair moved a little and when I landed I landed funny, similar to the baby deer's fate.  

Thank goodness alive, my darling friend Lydia was sober and smart enough to take me to the ER at 2:30 on the morning.  Lydia even got my pain meds (3:30am), and then we went to waffle house (4:00am), she carried me up my stairs and then helped me go to sleep(5am), all on her BIRTHDAY!  

Here is an x-ray that shows essentially the same break, just on the right instead of left foot:

I couldn't get my x rays onto the computer, but maybe the specialist can help me with that next week.

Things that suck about having a broken foot:

No walking
bathing is tricky
you have to wear a boot that is bigger than your torso
no dancing
big people have to carry you (this actually is not all that bad)
you become Rapunzel in your own house (thank god I have been growing my hair out)
you have no choice but to ask people for help
there are a lot more, but I gotta stop whining.

Here is a little Thomas Function (the music I was happily dancing to in Rebeccah's basement before the stinkin' foot break.)  Love you guys!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I can't see much, but I spotted this today

On the way back to Minx (my workplace and downtown home away from home) from the post office, I spotted this abandoned box of crayons.  It was in the middle of the crosswalk and I was excited to have actually seen it.  I kept traffic at bay, while I took a photo.  

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Reunion and NMA Gala

I thought that during my ten year high school reunion I should at one point be flanked by a dude who studies martian rocks and a NY A.D.A while holding onto a small plate and looking too young to drink.

Wish you all had been at the NMA Gala Fundraiser at the Rainbow Room.  It was amazing and my ears popped in the elevator!
Afterwards I guess this stuff happened.....Bellinis are delicious and make things funnier.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hello world! Though it is not so rare to find yourself ten years past your high school graduation, but man does it feel special. It mostly feels special because I actually LOVED high school and am in very close touch with my high school friends, so a reunion has the potential to be more than a drunken parade. We shared with each other and hugged each other, drank and made the same jokes we always make, but we also had a nice Quaker meeting on ye ol' south lawn and "checked in" about families and lives. It was truly a wonderful weekend and incredibly funny, realizing that watching your dearest friends become adults also gives you insight into their idiosyncrasies. Thank the Lord above for the legend of the class of 1999 and our guardian angel Carter Waghorne who passed away our junior year of Maningicocul Meningitis. He is still so close to all of us and has an amazing power to bring us together.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

...Just the wheel business

"You wanna get you some rims
I'm gonna tell you where to go
Rent 'n roll"

Michael Libramento led me to this wonderland.