Monday, May 11, 2009


Hello world! Though it is not so rare to find yourself ten years past your high school graduation, but man does it feel special. It mostly feels special because I actually LOVED high school and am in very close touch with my high school friends, so a reunion has the potential to be more than a drunken parade. We shared with each other and hugged each other, drank and made the same jokes we always make, but we also had a nice Quaker meeting on ye ol' south lawn and "checked in" about families and lives. It was truly a wonderful weekend and incredibly funny, realizing that watching your dearest friends become adults also gives you insight into their idiosyncrasies. Thank the Lord above for the legend of the class of 1999 and our guardian angel Carter Waghorne who passed away our junior year of Maningicocul Meningitis. He is still so close to all of us and has an amazing power to bring us together.

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