Wednesday, December 31, 2008

'09 doesn't sound as important as '69

So, I am looking back, mostly because I feel like my memory is getting tired and I have to reread emails and my own blog to remember what happened to me, or how I felt about it

This past year I:

gained and lost an antagonist

got a little bit more confident

struggled with being one woman in a sea of male musicians

threw parties I was proud of, but they were never enough

played shows for a few people

played shows for a slew of people

doubted my talent and then had a good laugh at that one

made some of the best friends I have ever made

became radio obsessed

went to some of my most favorite rock shows: ice cream!!

adopted slogans like: "who put this shit on?" and  "you don't know what you think about, this?!"  

watched my childhood friends get married off to handsome fellows

learned that making an album can be really fun and full of wizards

committed to Cheetah Button

made a full length album, when I meant to make an EP

started a job that feels integral in its challenges

Suffered at the hands of heartache

loved my family more and more

texted out

had my own kind of owl party

tried to dress more like my brother

felt patriotic for the first time in my life

disappointed myself

praised myself

went swimming in cold cold water

moved into my house on the hill

burnt a hole through the porch

tried to party like a rock star

decided to admit to more of my shortcomings

Of course there are so many other things that happened, and if I was patient enough I could really go through and make note of them all, but I am not patient.  

And here to send us with good tidings into the next year is my spirit animal:

photograph of a racing badger

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh Shame on me! my blogs are few and far between.....

.....but not for long folks.  I just get really docile and lackluster around  the holidays.  I keep my PJs on all day and read books I have saved up for this very time.  I eat tons of snacks like, mom's homemade fig newtons, and feel very uninterested in being social.  I only hang out with my family and force them to only hang out with me.  I also have been known to have limited text message conversations with my dearest friends.
But that all changes come January, every year I get so fired up from being so lazy that I combust and, be warned, I will start calling you and wondering what you might be up to: would you like to take a walk, write a song, have a party, play scrabble....with me?

So to recap on the season of holiday cheer I have some videos to show you .

First we have a very special Tyler Ramsey moment at the grey eagle:

Next we have a Christmas moment at Granny Ruth's house, where my brother demonstrates his strength:
- Notice that Seth is holding on to his little sweater friend that I made him throughout the whole fiasco...he named him "Joe"

Then we have the boring, but cute to me Katie Bell curled up on the couch:

And for the grand finale William and I show off our special Christmas clothes from Uncle Jimmy, notice the colorful sweater I am wearing and the camo shirt Will is sporting in the up coming two videos

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Putting on the Regency

Oh the plight of the ever-over-thinking.  Yo, why can't I sleep?  Well, the first reason is that I finished a crucial step in album production today: mastering.  It really did some magic, and things are sounding very very good, but that means I have to keep moving forward to the date of real completion, when one thousand shrink-wrapped duplicates arrive at my front door.....yikes!!  Oh, and I forgot to call Toby before I left Chapel Hill this evening...damn it all.  The only thing that has seemed to help in my freak out is watching bits of "Wooster and Jeeves."  Thank the Lord above for Fry and Laurie, honestly the best show ever, well, maybe now I will have to reconsider that superlative due to my recent discovery: I love Gossip Girl.

Here you are... a little bit of good ol' Bertie Wooster and his valet Jeeves.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sweater friend obsession

Winter lends itself to obsessively stitching.  Thanks Joti for teaching me how to make my own friends who are a little bit silly and keep me entertained while I feed the fire at my house under a gray sky.

When you are small, a tiny kitchen garden can feel like a BIG forest.
Just a little rest
She will never find me here in this big coat...
Look who is hiding on the top of the fridge...
Watch out!  If I don't see you there, I might sit on you when I go to write this blog entry.

Just a little cashmere friend relaxing on the couch listening to "talk of the nation."  What? you think Illinoise is the most courrput state too?
Sweater worm needs a drink of water like anybody else

Hey everyone,  don't worry I haven't completely lost my mind.

Pink Macaroni and Cheese?