Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh Shame on me! my blogs are few and far between.....

.....but not for long folks.  I just get really docile and lackluster around  the holidays.  I keep my PJs on all day and read books I have saved up for this very time.  I eat tons of snacks like, mom's homemade fig newtons, and feel very uninterested in being social.  I only hang out with my family and force them to only hang out with me.  I also have been known to have limited text message conversations with my dearest friends.
But that all changes come January, every year I get so fired up from being so lazy that I combust and, be warned, I will start calling you and wondering what you might be up to: would you like to take a walk, write a song, have a party, play scrabble....with me?

So to recap on the season of holiday cheer I have some videos to show you .

First we have a very special Tyler Ramsey moment at the grey eagle:

Next we have a Christmas moment at Granny Ruth's house, where my brother demonstrates his strength:
- Notice that Seth is holding on to his little sweater friend that I made him throughout the whole fiasco...he named him "Joe"

Then we have the boring, but cute to me Katie Bell curled up on the couch:

And for the grand finale William and I show off our special Christmas clothes from Uncle Jimmy, notice the colorful sweater I am wearing and the camo shirt Will is sporting in the up coming two videos

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Matt said...

i like you dad saying "that's a floppy barbell."