Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sweater friend obsession

Winter lends itself to obsessively stitching.  Thanks Joti for teaching me how to make my own friends who are a little bit silly and keep me entertained while I feed the fire at my house under a gray sky.

When you are small, a tiny kitchen garden can feel like a BIG forest.
Just a little rest
She will never find me here in this big coat...
Look who is hiding on the top of the fridge...
Watch out!  If I don't see you there, I might sit on you when I go to write this blog entry.

Just a little cashmere friend relaxing on the couch listening to "talk of the nation."  What? you think Illinoise is the most courrput state too?
Sweater worm needs a drink of water like anybody else

Hey everyone,  don't worry I haven't completely lost my mind.


Matt said...

that was sweatercatriffic.

brandi said...

too cute! my puggy follows me around just the same as this!

Jenny said...

i need to employ some sweatuffies to tune into my npr shows, fill me in lataz.
good entrepreneurialism, gurl!