Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Putting on the Regency

Oh the plight of the ever-over-thinking.  Yo, why can't I sleep?  Well, the first reason is that I finished a crucial step in album production today: mastering.  It really did some magic, and things are sounding very very good, but that means I have to keep moving forward to the date of real completion, when one thousand shrink-wrapped duplicates arrive at my front door.....yikes!!  Oh, and I forgot to call Toby before I left Chapel Hill this evening...damn it all.  The only thing that has seemed to help in my freak out is watching bits of "Wooster and Jeeves."  Thank the Lord above for Fry and Laurie, honestly the best show ever, well, maybe now I will have to reconsider that superlative due to my recent discovery: I love Gossip Girl.

Here you are... a little bit of good ol' Bertie Wooster and his valet Jeeves.


Matt said...

oh thanks for the little jeeves and wooster fix. is there anything jeeves doesn't know?

Jenny said...

i'm a big fan of hugh laurie, been watchin lots of House on hulu these last days of school.

have you spent time listening to Estelle or Janelle Monae? you ought to.
try Estelle's "No Substitute Love"
and Janelle's ... anything, "Sincerely Jane" or "Letting Go"