Thursday, April 23, 2009

How does everyone know the words to Mason Jennings' songs?

The summer before my senior year in college I lived in Vermont with my best friend/wife.  Linnea and I would drive to Shrewsbury's town lake and loudly sing-a-long to Mason Jennings:  "Oh my heart is a thoroughbred, I can't sleep in my bed..." "I miss the ocean, when I fall asleep, man its gonna break me heart...."    Obviously I know all the words, I haven't listened to those songs in years, but they stay with me, reminding me of an incredibly lazy and lovely summer.

  Old house, mouse traps, town tea time, daily swims, bathtub, bed on the porch, lupin flowers, tiny kids, puppet shows, mayonnaise............  

I love Linnea so much and tonight as I tried to resist singing along, I thought about my best friend and how we got "married"  in Vermont that summer.  My brother read the lyrics to "islands in a stream"  while we walked down the aisle.  Some people reading this will remember that strange ceremony and the sheer ridiculousness of it. 

 Thank you for spreading the rumor that I married a woman, it is a funny one to explain.