Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Working aka that thing I go and do sometimes

Tonight was a special late night working session.
(yo, wait, you might not know what I do for a job. Uh well, I keep the books for two awesome stores, I sometimes help buy things to then sell, I do a number of other things to keep business as usual, I write for another blog, and I love on some fashion, oh and I buy boots for myself.)

First, we got in some beach bags from Cheap Monday

Then, on the way home I fell into an unmarked hole made by the city in their attempt to fix a leaky water main.

Can I sue the city and get enough money to make my next album?

1 comment:

brandi said...

oooh no! i'm so sorry you fell in a hole! i remember the one and only time i've met you in person you had recently been hit by a car! what's up with that? you be careful!