Thursday, November 19, 2009

D'aprés moi...

Welp, I am in Paris and of course am surrounded by the tres chic and the tres cher and the fromage and the coocoo, so I have decided to put up some photos that stylishly chronicle some of the things that have made me swoon.

That chinchilla reminds me of Michael Libramento..and yes, it fits nicely before the photos I took at the Ile de la cité.

ça va? OK, now we have traveled to someplace that is not as fancy as Notre Dame.

The tour eiffel puts on crazy psychedelic rock show every night, but I just want to show how this photo out the window from the couch is normal...right, that is normal?

Bonne nuit!

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madteaparty said...

Thanks for sharing these! So glad you are having such a fabulous adventure!