Tuesday, November 18, 2008

stuck to the Huffington Post

I couldn't put anything on my blog, because I felt like the Huffington Post was covering any and all things I, or anyone else, might find interesting.  But then I started watching Kate Bush videos on youtube, then moved onto Beyonce....y'all this stuff is so good I can't quite believe it.

some notes: Ermine? wow!!
OK, how is her voice and that ukulele amplified?
concertina guy!!!!!!!!
this video is so good!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, now for some Beyonce...........

This song is terrible, but dear lord, don't you wish you could dance like that, in that leotard!!!!!!

Life is good as I hold my breath to find out who is gonna be secretary of state!!!!!


Siara said...

You are so right--it's the legs that are mesmerizing. I watched it twice to figure out why I want to see it since the dancing is kind of unremarkable, and it's definitely the legs. Also, what's up with the robot glove?

Jenny said...

yeah, woah, mr. concertina. thanks for calling my attention to this one.

i also wish i could plug my own denim label. i think "Single Ladies" could be awesome if it didnt have that electronic trill thing repeating in the background.

Horatio Fraiche said...

what in the crap is going on in this beyonce video. these two comments are right on. something strangely captivating about the video. yeah beyonce's legs.
yo huffington post, so good. and that other video! holy crap! amazing!