Monday, November 10, 2008

The mistakes we make

Last week, I was cleaning the ash out of my wood stove.  I was pretty sure that the ash was cold and could not feel any live embers.  I put the ash into a plastic bag and put it out on the porch, hoping to distribute the ashes around some nice trees the following day.   The next morning I was welcomed by an enormous hole.  All night long, hot ash burnt through two 2by4s.  I immediately felt the most extreme embarrassment I have ever known.  I had done something so stupid that I decided that I should tell the Internet about it in order to pay penance.  No, I did not burn down the house, though my momma had to go through that possiblity outloud when I spoke with her, "Oh Lordy, dear lord above, goodness gracious, oh Angi!"  I begged her to tell me she might have once done something so stupid and she tried to console me, but alas, I am the person that nearly burnt down the house.  Now here are the pictures to prove that I am not that sharp.


Si said...

Oh, my. Wow, Ang--do you need an ash bucket for real?

Erich said...

Oh Angie