Thursday, October 30, 2008

Neil Young

When I was little it took a long time to get into town, so there was a lot of time to listen to tapes in the car.   I monopolized the tape player, and I think my brother might finally be happy about that.  He let me be the one with the strong opinions.  I was fanatical about it.  When I was riding in the truck with Daddy, we listened to Ella Fitzgerald, KD Lang, or Neil Young.  When I rode to school or town in the car with Mom, I put on Neil Young, this tape of songs about Meher Baba or the soundtrack to Aladdin. 

There was a lot of other music that I was crazy about, but these stick out among the rest.

 Neil Young got more airplay than anyone else in our car and I sang along loud and clear - weird that my family never voiced an annoyance with this.  

Last night at dinner with some friends I was just feeling the Neil Young love brand new, and was trying to remember the song I wanted to sing in the talent show at six years old.  It was completely inappropriate, but my mom humored the idea for a while before convincing me to sing something else.  Figuring out which song it was will take a little bit more digging, but I did have a very intense obsession with the song "After the Gold rush" as well as the entire album and I thought I would share these versions of the song that are both really amazing.

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Matt said...

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