Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moss! and TV on the Radio

wanna grow some moss? 
- find some
- scoop it up, no need to dig, it doesn't have roots
- squish it into the pot you wanna plant it in, hopefully the soil is acidic
- just really squish it down
- mist it as often as you can

Next, we move to TV on the Radio which I heard and kind of saw on Sunday night in Knoxville.  It was awesome!!!!!!!
My favorite band member, who gets points for hustle, versatility, wackiness and commitment was "saxophone guy."  He is otherwise known by his actual name:  Martin Perna of the band Antibalas.  At one point my friend Isaac pointed out that he had made his way to the balcony, "Look, saxophone guy is in the balcony!!"

Here is a video of TV on the Radio to demonstrate how good they are.

1 comment:

isaac said...

Hey did you freeze on the way home last night? I hope the hat helped.
I can't get TV on the Radio out of my head...