Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Is B major the same as B flat?"

Sometimes people ask me questions like the one that is the title of this blog and I have to remember that not everyone knows that B major is mostly terrible and B flat major is generally wonderful.  

And not everyone knows that the Huffington Post is killing me with the stupid Sarah Palin headline, trying to make some sort of comparison between her and Caroline Kennedy.  This is B major and B flat major!  The difference is in the number of accidentals.  One is by far easier to read.

OK, now I will hop down from my soapbox and share the latest from my non-stop nerdy wagon (thank you Matt for such an appropriate term, wish I could footnote on a blog).  I am obsessed with The West Wing!!

I thought that Jon Reid suggested I watch it, but then he defensively denied that claim during band practice on Monday, leading me to believe that this show is fundamentally uncool and meant for people my parent's age.

But let the world know:  I DO NOT CARE!

I might have looked uncool when I admitted to loving Beyonce's "single ladies" video, or my affection for the show Gossip Girl (though I do agree it is getting a bit stale).  I might have looked uncool when I agreed to audition for American Idol, or got  a perm during college.  I might have seemed nerdy when I began to give dissertation to anyone who would listen on the botany of the local forests.  Screw all ya'll.  I love West Wing, and yes, I just researched law schools on the Internet.

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And now that I am a new fan of the West Wing, I totally get that the character Josh Lyman was based off of Rahm Emanuel.  Look how intense he is......and true he was studying to be  a ballet dancer.  So, there might be some awesome people on the non-stop nerdy wagon.

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Matt said...

i love me some west wing, too. it was dangerous when bonus had every episode on the computer. i looked forward to those press briefings and robe lowe's nerdyness like nobody's business. nerd on, girl.

p.s. is that d fully diminished?

Matt said...

and also i used to like to live vicariously through the josh lyman character, because it's so incredibly far from how i experience life.

siara said...

several perms in college.