Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A day that carried its weight

In one day,

 I witnessed the inauguration of a President that seems to be as close as a friend.

stood in one of those really long lines at the post office and thought about the whole, government monitored private business monopoly type model

walked in the very cold, snowy air

typed numbers into a computer

re-listened to Obama's inaugural speech

said prayers that had gone unspoken for a while

memorialized an old friend who has passed on

touched a very pregnant belly and got a kiss from my God son

ate Indian food, and felt a heartache to be back in India that I haven't felt in while

went to a rock show

got in a a van with rockin' boys

sang "Buttercup"

got home really late

remembered that we have this fabulous new president whose family has just moved into the White House

wrote this blog
signed off
good night, and now good day

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