Thursday, September 25, 2008

Notes from the recording studio: Collapsable Studio 9/24/08

First, Michael took a nap.  He kept two thumbs up to illustrate his default opinion in regards to our mixing decisions.  He needed to conserve energy. 

Next, Jon took a nap and wedged his fist under his chin as if to appear thoughtful.  He was feeling weak because he had to get up "early" and "hates" the morning.

Then, Michael woke up and spun around in his chair wizard.  It made him feel sick.

And, don't worry, we did accomplish something when I realized that the tom toms sounded like "getty-up getty-up" and proceeded to work on my new dance routine.  If I didn't have to play the piano I would have more room to showcase my dancing abilities.

In other news, Sarah Palin made me feel sick today.

Please vote....please please please

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Horatio Fraiche said...

I am voting today! Sending in my absentee ballot from Mumbai. :)
I can't wait to hear your new Album. I love you.