Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am ready for Jumpsuits

I am guessing that everyone who reads this blog follows fashion and knows we are in the whirlwind of collection viewing.  Someday I will be blogging catwalk side, but I will still have to check out the collections on the internet afterwards because I can  barely see.  

But who  needs expensive pret-a-porter when you can have a jumpsuit!!!!!!!

Next order of business: last night I pinned up my unicorn poster and had a good cry, and this morning received a test message from my dear friend Sarahbrown that read: "Go to the magical horn of plenty, the unicornicopia.  Let the crystal tears come over you."

This topshop jumpsuit, as seen on style.com, is gonna be Asheville's new best friend.

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Short Street Cakes said...

I think I'm going to learn alot from your blog.