Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fun Loco

The winter holiday was such a whirlwind tour of friendship and nostalgic laughter. I frantically spent the unaccounted for time to get all the promotion ready for my new album "Opportunity Cost." I am in grad school because I dislike promoting new projects and music so much that I would rather be an accountant. But I do really love playing with these talented dudes.

I then had a much needed hang out with my oldest girlfriends who are all married and a few babies usually in tow. But we actually had a night that reminded me of those amorphous moments when you are in your early twenties and nothing matters but your girls.

Then, I flew to NYC to snuggle under the wing of one of my best friends and biggest influences, Miss Lucy Lang. I also really wish that I had some super cute photos of my dear Linnea, but of course the picture taking only happened in intervals.

I have decided to steal and amend Linnea's new year's resolution by taking "doing better," and changing it to suit my compulsions. So I will be "getting better at everything" in 2011.

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