Saturday, April 24, 2010

BBQ, corn pudding, the secret service, the Obamas and THE BEST DAY EVER!!

I don't know if I have ever been so happy as I was yesterday when I met Barack and Michelle Obama. I imagined how fun it would be to have every one know you and feel close to you and you could just buddy up with anyone!!

Truly, our little gang felt the love pouring out as we shared our little slice of America with our president and first lady.
I only wish I had said something intelligent, rather than blabber and interrupt their lunch.
So here is what I wish I had said, " I am so happy you cam to our little town for vacation. I think Asheville embodies the new economy and the loveliness of America. We Ashevillians are more often than not living within our means as we strive to add beautiful things to the world. We are more often than not artists and entrepreneurs. We are more often than not environmentalist and gardeners. We are more often than not, micro economic wunderkind. I want Asheville to be an example of a healthy happy America, well it already is."


Horatio Fraiche said...

I'm thinking of all the things I should have said too Ang!! :) I am especially wishing I had just asked Obama if he had heard of Meher Baba. So wonderful to share that with you though.

Some Chilean Woman said...

Aw, I just clicked on that 'next' button on my blog and found these lovely photos!

I know I could never say anything intelligent in front of them, I am sure they get that a lot.

MissRayhill said...

cool! :D