Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I don't like traveling; I like being somewhere

As I sit here in this french hotel room, bumped from my flight into a chocolate eating, obsessive frenzy, I want to reflect on some India moments that made me realize something......I hate traveling, but I really like being in many beautiful and different places, so much so that I will always endure these bumped flights and long bus rides, strange transit hotels and a lot of waiting around to get to places with people who make me laugh, strange ancient stories and smells that bring back lost memories. If only we had "burning trash" smell in America.
Here are some very funny buddies on the bus. Yup, Terry is fake sleeping to entertain me.
Will and I got invited to a 12 days old party in Arangaon Village where we got to hold a tiny tiny sleepy baby
Pia and Mehera hold the tiny one too!! Lots of snuggling.
Here is a video of Pia in her dad's pullover

I am obsessed with Jessie and Flint's cement tiles
Thank the lord above I got to spend some time with my brother, we honestly had such a hilarious time together in India, a great christmas and new year!!! My brother is really a true buddy.

Will gets spooked by crazy cow on our afternoon walk

Refreshing road side soda
We had such a good lunch at Leopold's (Yeah Bombay!!)
and we found the children's traffic training school
How can you resist foggy morning Mumbai?

Goat Pile!
Bye bye India and brother

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