Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Erico is gone to God and what will we do without him

After reading many accounts of the twenty four hours following Erico Nadel's death on Sunday sept 6th, I am at once there in Meherabad. (India).  I am at once beside him sitting on the veranda asking questions there will never be answers to.  At once I smell the warm breeze and see the bright pink and red of the bougainvillea beside the old hall.  How often would we make our trips by heather and erico's bungalow to possibly grab their attention, let them know that we wanted to be their favorite children, that we were ready for a treat and a lesson.  

We are all sending our love and support to our darling Heather.

Heather and Erico in 1974

I know he has been liberated into all that blissful eternity. But I am missing him, as I usually do a half a world away, but now with the sadness that bears down into my heart and reminds me that this path has pain as well as joy.

Here is the article from the times of India:

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