Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Collecting just the right things...with Dad and Lela

Today was a savaging/sourcing day with Dad and Lela.  The only way a house is going to be built "like father, like daughter," on the top of chicken hill is if we can find all of the perfect ingredients to make this the perfect DREAM HOUSE!  

Dad and I used my handy handicap car thingy (I will get a photo of that up soon, it is worth seeing) to park real close to everything today.  This being the first time he has ever used it, and the second time Lela has. 

 Then we sought out places with tons of junk (like Dora the Explorer coloring book mountain among building supplies) and places with the prodigal tub (just like at Mom and Dad's)
and three of these four amazing doors.  

On the checklist: three awesome interior doors....check!  That is where we met our new friend Scott, who is gonna hunt around to find stuff to sell us!  
I will keep blogging about the house building process and with a lot more photos once foot is all the way better.  I hobbled today and it nearly killed me.  

More awesome "junk" to clean up and shine coming your blogging way.

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