Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Prognosis

Many long days and nights have passed me by with this strange broken bone. Last Tuesday I learned that my beloved little bone had not healed at all over the past month. This news depressed me................................... and then strengthened my resolve.

It may not seem like such a big deal (a broken bone in your foot), but for this very tough albino blindo, having a broken foot has strangely been the most debilitating thing I have ever had to focus on, head on, and in a weird way it has been forcing me to deal with other strange hang-ups that come from a lifetime of stubborn independence.

So, I have been stuck in my tower, trying to force myself not to hobble around, booking flights to far off places, writing songs obsessively in 12/8, making movies, watching Hugh Laurie in everything he has ever done, getting use to the idea of myself as a solo musician/performer, drinking comfry tea and feeling like I am letting everyone down.

Here is Feist et all doing something cool.........


madteaparty said...

I'm calling you soon!

Thanks for the txts.

Still surreal here.

Sending you warm fuzzies.


wrowro said...

it sounds like youre getting a lot done! i'm sorry i missed you this last trip, but i'll be back "for good" on the 18th.
and just so you know- itll be another month or more before the chicken hill house warming dance party.