Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The West Wing is educational

 It is late at night, I watched a really good episode of The West Wing, no more porch hole (its been repaired by my awesome Dad), and I am trying to figure out ways of getting my music to more people and being an active participant in that process...........

All of that in my head and I realize that I have been learning something invaluable from my favorite TV show: The West Wing. 

 We all need advisers.

  I am so lucky I have people around me to help empower my own ideas.  Now, useless arrogant advise is just silly, but when you have close friends who understand your personal trials and triumphs, and you ask them earnestly to listen and think with you, you can get a much more informed answer to any question.  And yes, this is the main lesson I have learned from the west wing, course I could also learn it from the fact that the real President needs a whole bunch of loyal, smart people around, but, no, I learned it from a fictional show in which Martin Sheen is a terrific president.

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